Thursley Common – May 2019

GI’d heard a great deal about Thursley Common and how incredible the habitat there was for reptiles and birds, not to mention invertebrates. So, one long bank holiday weekend, I decided to head over.

It was clear that, with a dip in temperatures that week, any reptiles would be few and far between. Nonetheless, I was excited to hopefully get views of redstart, one of the closest reliable spots from Essex, cuckoo and Dartford warbler.

Colin the cuckoo, as he is known, was back on the common for perhaps the 4th year running and was as obliging as always. Fascinating, and a little questionable, watching some of the photographers who had assembled going to great lengths setting up perches for the cuckoo to land on, many of which looked awful. So bad in fact that the cuckoo didn’t want to land on them. He did however grace the wood laying on the ground for incredible views. Redstart and stonechat also came down to visit. Wow.

The heath gave some fun views of at least 4 Dartford warblers although none were as obliging as the cuckoo. My first hobby of 2019 showed up as well as nightingale and tree pipit.

Can’t wait to visit again deeper into summer. What a place.

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