Spoonbills at last

The last two weekends I have spent a bit of time at a nearby spot called Abberton Reservoir. The main reason being two spoonbills showed up and have been most accommodating with where they decided to hang out I.e. not miles away from a hide but right in front of a road going over a causeway. Pretty damn cool.

I’ve seen the species a lot overseas but never in the UK so I really wanted to get some views. After a first visit seeing them nestled amongst trees, I was determined to get back for better views. I wasn’t disappointed.

There they were. Preening. Stretching. Preening again. And loads of sleeping.

A large member of the heron family, these incredible birds and their spoon shaped beak really are full of character. They now breed each year in parts of the UK and are becoming a more and more common species as climate change brings more continental species this way.

Love them.

Also saw five great egrets, another climate change mover and shaker as well as a rare ruddy shelduck.

Happy days

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